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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Collecting Foreign Language Idioms

I'm collecting foreign language idioms for a project.

I need the Idiom in the original language, translation into English and some description of why you like it and any other personal things attached to it.

If I make use of it you won't be identified.

An example

Finnish Idiom

tehdä kärpäsestä härkänen
to make a bull out of a fly

Means same thing as "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill"

I find the visual image much more amusing of a bull with insect wings flying round my kitchen.

Please leave any suggestions you have as comments

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Government Plans the Abolition of Scotland

“We will use what we have learned in the Chagos Islands and move Scotland's population to a new town in East Anglia. Scotland will then become a great wilderness park which we will ask the UN to protect.”

Not quite certain why this hasn't come out on WikiLeaks yet

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please God I hope a Shark doesn't eat me Today...

The empirically-estimated "PROBABILITY OF DEATH EACH YEAR" is:

  • 1 in 3.3 million (0.00003%) (for Western civilians at the hands of jihadist terrorists post-1985);
  • 1 in 3 million (US citizen being killed by a shark);
  • 1 in 4 million (US citizen being electrocuted);
  • 1 in 6 million (US citizen being struck by lightning);
  • 1 in 500,000 (0.0002%) (US citizen at the hands of jihadists in the 21st century);
  • 1 in 10,000) (0.01%) (from car accident in the US);
  • 1 in 1,250 (0.08%) (under-5 year old infant in Australia from all causes);
  • 1 in 1,000 (0.1%) (from cigarette smoking-related causes in the US);
  • 1 in 38 (2.6%) (under-5 year old infants in UK-US-occupied Iraq);
  • 1 in 17 (5.8%) (for under-5 year old infants in US-occupied Afghanistan).

This is lifted directly from:

But I guess 5.8% of Afghan children is a price worth paying for ... uh what is it paying for. Doesn't matter really ..God bless you Mr Blair God Bless you Mr. Bush thank you for the rivers of blood.

Who Want's to Call in the IMF?

Great new idea for a gameshow. A bit like a cross between Eurovision Song Contest and Who want's to be a millionaire.

Each EU country sends an economic expert to the show who starts out with 1 Billion Euros. At the end of the show they can take that back with them to their country of origin and put it into the treasury. 

As the show runs weekly they can augment their coffers by up to 50 Billion Euros a year.

So what do they have to do?

All they have to do is answer 20 ecomonics questions correctly dealing with the scenarios presented to them. However for each one they get wrong they lose 100 Million Euros.
Unfortunately if they get all of them wrong they will leave the show owing 1 Billion Euros. The first country's incompetent economic experts to lose so much on the game show that their country effectively goes bankrupt becomes the laughing stock of all the other competitor countries (who will nonetheless quickly follow them) and has to call in the IMF.

Show is sheduled for a one year run initially but currently fear will not have enough solvent competitors by then.

Ireland is currently acting as the consultant for this show.

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